AACE International-Qatar Section represents AACE International in the State of Qatar to support AACE International members and other Cost and Scheduling professionals practicing in the region.

AACE Qatar's Webinar on Lean Construction Practice & Implementation at Ashghal

AACE International-Qatar Section’s objectives are –

  • Facilitating members in enhancing their skills in the field of cost engineering and planning
  • Providing a platform for professionals, industry experts and members for knowledge sharing
  • Assisting professionals in adopting best industry practices
  • Enhancing awareness of AACE International among professionals in the State of Qatar

Going forward, to achieve these objectives, the section will be hosting regular Technical workshops, seminars, conferences on best practice with industry experts and professionals.

On August 31, 2021, Al Ansari discussed elements in the subject of Lean Construction in Qatar. Better cost control, where money will only be allocated when needed and spent where applicable at the right time. Human & Plant Resource Control; employ and hire only when required and needed. Release after completion. Operation Control; procure and build just in time. Select best construction and procurement method that best fit and go in line with business strategies. Information Control; use efficient software tools, at both design and construction stages, and report on time.

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